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Friday, January 28, 2011

One Man's Experience of Orgasm

With my talk of female orgasm in the past, one reader felt it would be good to show things from a male perspective...

"So what does it feel like for a man to have an orgasm? Well, I don't think it's nearly as complex as it is for women.  I can only speak from how I feel but I'll describe it from different areas (masturbation, oral sex and intercourse) because for me the experience is different for each one.   
  Through masturbation.  I have a pretty high sex drive, I need to get off at least twice a day so I often have to take matters into my own hands. :)  Although I don't enjoy cumming through self-stimulation as much as by fucking or oral, it's much easier to reach orgasm this way than any other.  When I'm masturbating I know exactly where I'm at, what my body's telling me.  How fast or slow to go, what intensity I can handle.  How sensitive the tip of my cock or my balls are.  Without my partner present I don't have to indicate if I'm close to cumming, I just know. So if I want to ejaculate right there I will.  Otherwise I instinctively know when to slow down and just enjoy the sensation.  So orgasm for me is incredibly controllable.

  What I experience when I cum depends on how worked up I get.  Sometimes something has turned me on so much during the day that I want to and can release right away.  Usually though I find the more time I take; rubbing my balls, getting myself just to the brink of cumming and then holding back, produces tremendously intense orgasms.  It's the same effect as foreplay before intercourse.

  As far as how orgasm feels?  If I'm really horny and just want to get off quickly, it's a very localized feeling.  Not too satisfying sexually but it gets my mind back on other things for the day, it's like scratching an itch. I know women are very familiar with what that's like.  If I've had a good masturbation session then I cum like a freight train, it can be really intense. My heart races, face flushes, I get very hot and sweaty and can barely breathe to the point where I've almost passed out a few times.  When I cum I can feel my balls constrict, sometimes feeling the semen squirt through my cock.  The more I've held off, the more I usually produce.

  Amazingly when I masturbate for my girlfriend (she loves to watch me ejaculate), if I'm holding onto her when I cum I notice my strength has increased about five times.  No shit, physically I feel incredibly powerful and much stronger than usual.  Adrenelin combined with testosterone maybe? I don't know.
  Through oral. I've read that masturbation can spoil you for other forms of sex because you're most in control of your orgasm.  I think this is true to a point.  I love oral sex, both giving and getting.  But for me it's my least favourite way of reaching orgasm because I find it difficult to get there in the first place.

  I know it's not psychological, I have no hesitation ejaculating during oral whether in her mouth or not. My girlfriend makes the experience very pleasurable (I love having my balls played with and the feeling of her having me inside her mouth) but once I do cum the tip of my cock gets very sensitive and the feeling of her tongue on it is usually too much.  So the feeling here is generally quite localized, not as satisfying because there's that distraction.  It's almost too amazing, like sensory overload.
  Through intercourse.  Again, orgasm is more satisfying because there's the element of control.  More when I'm on top, less when she is.  Depending on position I can hold off cumming simply by slowing down.  But when she spurs me on and I want to reach it, if I've been holding off for a while and start pounding like a jackhammer the feeling is amazingly intense.  It's so satisfying to have that release inside her. I usually feel my whole cock constrict when I'm fucking, more than any other form of sex (it's kind of interesting when I think about it). 

  The feeling of orgasm this way is so different for me than any other because it's so involved.  Two bodies sweating, slapping against each other, breathless, her legs wrapped around me sometimes.  Just the feeling of my cock inside her drives the intensity of my orgasm.  It's pretty consuming because my entire body is involved, all muscles tense until that final release and all my energy goes into it.

  The feeling of reaching ejaculation is incredibly satisfying.  It's like there's this tremendous amount of stress which all of a sudden vanishes.  The experience of cumming, seeing the semen squirt from my cock turns me on sometimes.  Everything about the moment is pleasurable, and it's all I can focus on at the moment. I'm not sure what your experience is or what it's like for other guys, it's not generally something we talk about around the water cooler. lol"

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