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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lover's Dance (erotic short)

 I composed this a while ago, not sure if I'll write the intro or ending but I kind of like the way it stands as a vignette.  I'd love to hear your thoughts...

  The Lovers' Dance  

   Dan and his friend each took a seat in the bedroom, in comfortable proximity to the 'stage' where this performance was about to begin. The boys were completely undressed now, cocks stiff and throbbing in anticipation. But this was all about the girls. Twenty-two-year-old Amber sat before Lauren on the king-sized bed, her dress pooled around her waist, held bunched apprehensively between her thighs. Gazing upwards, she fixed her soft green eyes upon the lithe woman.

"Do you want me?" she asked.

Lauren melted at the uncertainty in the younger woman's face. "Oh God honey," she responded, trembling almost imperceptibly at the thought of things to come. She sat beside Amber on the bed and, brushing away a strand of auburn hair covering the girl's brow, leaned in closer and whispered, "The things I want to do to you..."

   The twenty-four-year-old nuzzled the side of Amber's neck, gently nibbling her ear lobe. The girl swept back her mane in surrender, and Lauren was delighted to find that she had thoughtfully placed a dab of light perfume behind each ear. The scent was irresistible, intoxicating. She wondered what other parts of this young woman's body had received the same care. Lauren withdrew slightly, and cupping Amber's face in her hands, pulled her in gently. She began tracing the outline of the girl's mouth with her tongue. The young woman responded in kind, parting her moist lips. Soon they were engaged in a feverish kiss, tongues probing, tasting each other. Sexual excitement mounting.

   Lips still locked, the older woman slipped the spaghetti straps of the girl's dress gently off her shoulders and let the garment cascade down her slender frame to her waist. Lauren broke the kiss, leaning back to admire her gift. Amber's delicately-laced blue bra played off nicely against her milky white skin. Her breasts were smaller, and wonderfully firm. The twenty-two year old gazed into her eyes and the kiss resumed. Reaching behind the young woman's back, she unfastened the clasps of her bra, peeling it back off her shoulders and down her arms. Lauren cupped the delicate swell of each tit in her hands, tracing around the pink, stiffening nipples. She ran her mouth downwards to Amber's chest, replacing fingers with tongue. The girl tilted her head back as Lauren took a breast into her mouth, teasing the swollen areola in light circles with her tongue then applying more pressure against the hard nub. Amber felt shocks of electricity run through her as the nipple involuntarily stiffened in response. As Lauren aggressively suckled her boob, the younger woman felt the dampness between her legs increase. The boys sat quietly, almost unaware they were stroking their hardened erections as they observed the pair. Flushed skin betrayed their arousal.

 "Stand up," Lauren whispered.

  The twenty-two-year-old did as she was told, letting her dress fall to the floor around her feet and stepped out of it. The girls positioned themselves on the bed, kneeling in front of each other. Without a word Amber unfastened her partner's blouse; Lauren responded in kind by unzipping her skirt and removing it. The girl smiled, tracing the outline of Lauren's chest. She freed the woman's larger breasts from the confines of her bra and paused momentarily, allowing her eyes to roam over her beautiful tanned skin before returning the favour. She lovingly suckled each dark nipple, making pleasurable sounds as if nursing. The older girl exhaled a deep sigh, seemingly held forever. Soon unable to hold back her urges any longer, Lauren placed her hands on Amber's shoulders and playfully pushed the young woman backwards on the bed, her brown hair spilling wildly around her on the pillow. That familiar feeling was stirring within her, the same feeling she experienced when she aggressively fucked Dan. Primal, animal. She had to have this girl now.

  Grasping the waistband of Amber's dampened panties she pulled them down her thighs. The girl parted her legs to her playmate, the delicate garment still bunched around her ankles. She playfully kicked them off with a giggle. Lauren quivered at the sight of Amber as she lay naked on the bed. Any anticipation she may have felt was eclipsed by intense desire. The desire to taste and be tasted, to completely consume this beautiful girl before her. Yet she knew it was best to take it slow, for now. But not for long. Slowly lowering her head between Amber's legs she planted tiny love bites along the insides of her now sticky, moist thighs. The girl squealed softly at the sensation, but soon relaxed into it. Lauren made her way up her leg, watching the younger woman's chest rise and fall, eyes closed and deliciously moaning, "Mmm...".

  She hovered over Amber's mound, feeling the heat radiating against her nose and cheek, inhaling the musky smell of the young woman's sex. Lauren nuzzled her bush and the girl jumped, growing more sensitive to her touch. The dark-skinned seductress ran her fingers through the auburn pubic curls then gently parted her swollen labia with each thumb, revealing the bright pinkness within. Amber spread her legs further to accomodate what was sure to follow. Lauren paused. This was the moment she had waited for, wondered about, dreamt of. Amber could barely contain herself, eager to feel this woman's mouth devouring her between her legs. The tanned beauty began scattering teasing licks along the girl's parted pussy lips, experiencing the bittersweet taste of another woman for the first time. It wasn't far from what she expected, and the thought of what she was doing as she tasted Amber almost put her over the edge.

  The twenty-four-year-old enthusiastically went down on the girl, flicking her tongue and probing deep inside her. The taste of Amber's lubrication was stronger now. Placing her hands under the younger woman's hips she grabbed her soft ass cheeks and pulled her firmly against her mouth, probing the girl's vagina as deeply as she could. Amber rubbed her breasts, pulling firmly on her now painfully-stiff nipples. With the other hand she reached down between her legs, and drawing back the delicate folds that covered her clit, began to masturbate. Glancing over from between Amber's parted thighs, Lauren eyed the boys. Dan's stare was fixed intently on the girls, a look of longing in his eyes. Lauren had seen that look before and she knew what was building inside him. Soon she would feel him inside her, the thickness of his cock pounding away furiously, until she was pleasurably sore. She ached to feel him release deep inside her, the thought of it made her wetter and spurred her on.

  Amber's thighs began to tremble uncontrollably. Lauren emitted muffled groans, encouraging her prey's release, until a pleasurable wave began to sweep through the girl's body. Breathlessly calling out she surrendered and came, violently bucking and grinding her pussy in circular motions against her partner's face. Lauren sat back to watch the girl orgasm. The twenty-two-year-old's movements soon subsided, interspersed with sudden shudders. She collapsed with legs spread, beads of moisture dotting her dark matted pubic hair, sparkling in the light.


  1. Amazing! Knowing your lover is watching must be hotter than words can describe.