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Monday, February 28, 2011


"I'm close friends with an ex of mine... it was the hardest break up, because most often, I'm the one that breaks up with ex's.. not the other way around... well this ex is a HUGE flirt and always tries to hang out... the ex will randomly send pictures and invite me over, I have never gone over, but I have sent pictures back and it makes me feel horrible, because I'm in a relationship..."



  1. I can definitely relate.

  2. As much as I can relate to this feeling, I just hate affairs, or anything of that sort. It hurts too many people and merits nobody... I'm so done with it...

  3. I can relate in some ways... everyone has that one ex... the one that is sooo hard to let go of... but I find that ex is better left behind... it's too difficult to go from having passion together to being friends... in my experience anyway.