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Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Woman's Experience Of Orgasm

The topics of conversation with some of my blogging friends have varied widely; from relationships to self-esteem and self-image, to searching for direction in life and generally just trying to make sense of it all. Occasionally, with those of you who are most comfortable, the subject of sexuality comes up along the way.

These moments have taught me a lot. Books are one thing but nothing compares to first-hand accounts, and it's flattering to be trusted enough to share your experiences with me. I'm also very lucky to have a relationship in which my wife and I allow each other freedom to discuss such things with others. I wouldn't have these conversations without Sandy's consent, she's been amazing.

This is another woman's account, in her own words, of how she experiences orgasm...

"YES YES YES there is a difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms! I don’t know about anal, because honestly, my husband and I have only tried that once, and I am not comfortable enough to say it was real ‘sex’ – more a trial of sorts… but the other two I can speak to.


Surface, easier to get to, very powerful, sends bolts of electricity through your system. You have to relax yourself for it, because it is easily overwhelming. There are moments where I say ‘I can’t’ because the sensation is just too much, but that just means it can’t be rushed. It takes its own time, you have to be ready to accept the building stimulation. Your partner has to be aware when to slow down, when to speed up, degree of pressure, man, I’m making this sound like a science when it’s really an art, lol. That is the orgasm to arch your back, to send you into whole body convulsions. It can be singular or multiple, but I think that’s with anything and anyone – just depends on the situation. The electric jabs pull all energy towards your clit and the moment you come, you can feel the muscles throbbing, like something foreign inside you, you have no control, you release, and let your body take you along for the ride.


Alrighty, here we go, my (as well as many other women) elusive orgasm. From what I understand, every woman’s g-spot location is slightly different, but generally the same. There is a line in ‘The Best Man’ – “that pussy curves to my dick” which was always so friggen hilarious, but raw, and so true. I’ve never said so explicitly before but my lover was designed to please me. I’ll be honest, he’s not more well endowed than my husband. He is a little longer, but not as thick, whereas my husband is THICK, but not as long. And when we’re talking length here, I’m not talking about a ridiculous difference. Maybe an inch at most. But, my husband’s erection is perfectly straight, and the base of it is low. Now while my lover's is straight, the ‘base’ is a little higher. (I know this is TMI for a guy, but it’s all relevant).  Now I never knew this, but in order for a man to hit my spot, I have to straddle him. And when I do, my lover can raise up beneath me just a little, in a certain way, and when he moves, he can hit it, stimulate it, and (I know I’ve said this before) it’s like a switch – he can turn my vision off. I fucking black out. My entire body goes numb. I mean, if I had to visually imagine, it’s like the physical me is gone, I just feel the orgasm deep within my abdomen, which is what I would liken to the first gush of cum, but sustained, and it radiates out, all the way up to your brain, and just paralyzes you. I swear, I can’t continue sex during that moment. It doesn’t last long, like maybe a minute, the blacking out is just a few seconds, and then I can resume, after collecting myself."


If anyone cares to e-mail me or comment (anonymously of course), I'm curious to know how this compares to your experience.


  1. If you think this is hot you should see the person who wrote it. She's beyond amazing. :)